Access bigger market share and get your products performance data

We are targeting formal and informal retailers that are out of your reach, but have the capability of improving your brand performance and visibility.

Convenient and efficient last mile delivery

Bwala is working with 3000+ vetted retailers in Nairobi and growing through other counties. With 500+ riders we able to deliver goods to not easily available markets. We make your last mile deliveries more convenient and cost efficient, track and trace the performance of your brand in real time.

Extra advantages

  • Monitor the performance of your brand and make key decisions.

  • Grow sales through mapped and vetted retailers in markets that you have no presence in.

  • Save delivery  and merchandising costs overtime

Trusted partners

We have been moving our packages through the Bwala last mile delivery network, Bwala has been reliable, they have rendered all their services professionally when interacting with our clients and staff, we recommend them to any organisation that would be willing to work with them.

Sameer Khan
Head of Logistics

Copia has been using Bwala’s logistics services for over a year, our customers get their goods on time thanks to Bwala’s efficient and cost effective last mile solutions.

Victor Kipchumba
Operations Manager

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